Spinebreakers FAQ's

How can I add my review to Spinebreakers?

Anyone who registers for the Spinebreakers site can contribute their reviews and creative content. All registered users can also add comments to reviews, creative and to the blog.

To contribute, you’ll first need to register by entering your chosen username and your contact email address into the form on the Crew page. Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions and our Community Guidelines as these are very important and all users must read them.

When you submit your chosen username and password you’ll be sent an email containing your password (so don’t forget to check) and then you can click on the link in the email and login to get started as a fully-fledged member of the Spinebreakers Crew!

You’ll be able to add your profile picture, fill out your profile and then add your reviews and creative.

How can I be a part of the editorial Spinebreakers team?

To become an Editor you’ll first need to register for the site. Then you can apply through your profile by submitting examples of your written work and 50 words on why you want to be an Editor.

We will select Editors on the strength of their application and Spinebreakers Editors are entitled to:

  • Receive free copies of new books to review;
  • Rave opportunities to meet and interview author;
  • Invitations to Editorial Events in London.

We welcome any ideas and suggestions you have and are keen to add to our nationwide editorial team so check out the application tab in your profile and apply now!

What sort of content can I submit to the site?

Your work can be in written, audio, visual or video form and you can upload it to the site once you have registered for the Spinebreakers site.

You can add creative content, submit reviews or leave comments on reviews, creative or on our Spinebreakers blog.

We are looking for a whole range of creative ideas, book reviews, short stories, poems, interviews, podcasts, playlists, alternative endings and more…

Should my book reviews be only for Puffin and Penguin books?

At the moment we are just discussing Puffin and Penguin books, but plan to include other books soon.

How do I find information about Spinebreaker events going on where I live?

We will update the events section with any events happening across the UK. Be sure to check that out for the most up-t0-date information.

We will also put information about events in the regular Spinebreakers newsletter – so make sure you sign up for that too (pssst…sign up is at the bottom of this page).

I have a complaint to report about the site, who do I contact?

We are sorry you have a complaint, please email hello@spinebreakers.co.uk.

If your complaint is about the website or you’re having trouble viewing a page or logging in, please give us as much detail as possible and don’t forget to let us know which browser you are viewing the site in.

How do I contact Penguin?

Please see below for a list of divisions and email contacts:
Customer services
Trade – UK, export and international
Promotions & Incentives
Schools: Puffin Book Club and Books on Demand
Rough Guides
Penguin Group companies around the world
Website enquiries

Customer services:
For customer service enquires, please contact;
Tel: +0870 607 7600
Email: customer.service@penguin.co.uk

Trade – UK, export and international:
For all UK trade account queries, please contact orders@penguin.co.uk
For all export trade account queries, please contact export@penguin.co.uk
For all international trade sales enquiries, please contact internationalsales@penguin.co.uk

France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia:
Penguin Group
Herengracht 418 II
1017 BZ Amsterdam
Tel: +0800 917 448 (service gratuit in France) or +31 (0)20 625 9566
Fax: +0800 901 276 (service gratuit in France) or +31 (0)20 625 8676
Email: france-office@uk.penguingroup.com

Jean-Luc Morel, Key account manager
83, Rue de Dunkerque
75008 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 48 74 02 23
Fax: +33 (0)1 49 70 03 28
Email: Jean-Luc.Morel@uk.penguingroup.com

Penguin Benelux
P.O. Box 3507
1001 AH Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 625 95 66
Fax: +31 (0)20 625 86 76
Email: benelux-office@uk.penguingroup.com

Germany & Austria:
Penguin Books Deutschland GmbH
Myliusstrasse 9
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Email: Penguin.Germany@penguinbooks.de

Penguin Italia srl
Via Vittorio Emanuele 45/a
20094 Corsico
Email: info@penguinitalia.it

Penguin Books S.A.
Glorieta de Quevedo, 9-7C
28015 Madrid
Email: mail@penguin.es

Central & Eastern Europe:
Ul Topazowa 31
62-081 Poznan – Baranowo
Email: grazyna.soszynska@penguin.co.uk

Penguin Putnam Inc
345 Hudson Street
New York
NY 10014
Email: international.sales@us.penguingroup.com

Singapore & Malaysia:
Penguin Singapore & Malaysia
23/25 First Lok Yang Road
Email: enquiry@penguinbooks.com.sg

All other enquiries:
International Sales
Penguin Group UK
80 Strand

Promotions & Incentives:
If you are interested in using Penguin books as promotions or incentives within the UK, please e-mail info@penguinpromotionsfactory.co.uk or visit: www.penguinpromotionsfactory.co.uk

Schools: Puffin Book Club and Books on Demand

Find out how to inspire your pupils to read and how to get £6,000/€8,760 of free books a year for your school through Puffin Book Club

Teachers! Get a 20% discount on all Penguin, Puffin, DK and Ladybird titles with Books on Demand. Plus there’s free school delivery, free gifts online and a dedicated customer service team.

For further information on Puffin Book Club and Books on Demand, please contact pbccustomerservice@penguin.co.uk or call 0500 454 444 (UK), 1800 340 131 (ROI), +441279 623 929 (International Schools)

Rough Guides:
For all Rough Guides enquires please contact roughguides@penguin.co.uk .

Please refer to the audiobooks frequently asked questions page for further information.

For all audiobook enquires not covered in the above section, please contact audiobooks@penguin.co.uk

Penguin Group companies around the world:

Penguin Group (USA)
375 Hudson Street
New York
NY 10014

Australia Postal Address:
Penguin Group (Australia)
PO Box 701
VIC 3124

Head office:
250 Camberwell Road
VIC 3124
Tel: 61-(0)3-9811-2400
Fax: 61-3-9870-6086


Penguin Group (Canada)
90 Eglinton Avenue East,
Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 2Y3 Canada
Tel: (416) 925-2249
Fax: (416) 925-0068

Penguin China
B1525 Nan Xin Cang
22A Dongsi Shi Tiao
Dongcheng, Beijing
100007, CHINA
Tel: +86-10-6409-6767
Email: info@cn.penguingroup.com

Penguin India
11 Community Centre
Panchsheel Park
New Delhi 110 017
Tel: 91-11-2649-4401
Fax: 91-11-2649-4402

Penguin Ireland
25 St Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2
Tel: 00-353-1-661-7695
Fax: 00-353-1-661-7696
Email: info@penguin.ie

Please do not call this number in reference to UK enquiries.

New Zealand:
Penguin Group (New Zealand)
Private Bag 102-902
North Shore Mail Centre
Auckland 1310
Albany, Auckland
New Zealand
Tel: 64-9-415-4700
Fax: 64-9-415-4703

South Africa:
Penguin South Africa
24 Sturdee Avenue
South Africa
Tel: 27-11-327-3550
Fax: 27-11-327-6574

Website enquiries:
The following email address is intended for correspondence regarding the Spinebreakers website only. Please check through our frequently asked questions list before emailing, as due to the high volume of emails we receive, only specific queries that are not covered here can be answered. Thank you and click here hello@spinebreakers.co.uk to contact us.

Please note: unfortunately we are unable to respond to any queries already covered by our frequently asked questions page.

How can I contact an author?

We cannot give out personal mail or email addresses for our authors. However, all author mail is forwarded directly to our authors via our publicity departments.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a reply.

Please write to:

‘Author name’
c/o Penguin Publicity
80 Strand

To contact Puffin authors, please write to:

‘Author name’
c/o Puffin Publicity
80 Strand

Where can I find information on publishing and the book industry?

Book Industry:

Achuka: The independent children’s books site brimming with information on children’s books
Website: http://www.achuka.co.uk

BookCrossing: Website dedicated to book sharing
Website: http://www.bookcrossing.com

Booktrust: Book readers and professionals site, provides listings and news
Website: http://www.booktrust.org.uk

Book Scan: Full UK bestseller listings
Website: http://www.booktrack.co.uk

British Council for Arts, Literature and Design: British Arts Council, literature and design events and services
Website: http://www.britcoun.org

Contemporary Writers: Searchable database contains up-to-date profiles of some of the UK and Commonwealth’s most important living writers
Website: http://www.contemporarywriters.com

Live Literature Network: Arts Council of England’s Live Literature Network website
Website: http://www.liveliterature.net

London Review of Books: Literary discussion and debate
Website: http://www.lrb.co.uk/index.html

Parent’s Information Network (PIN): Information and advice about how to make the most of computers at home
Website: http://www.pin.org.uk

Reading Connects: Reading Connects is a DfES-funded National Reading Campaign initiative that supports schools in using reading for pleasure to enhance achievement
Website: http://www.readingconnects.org.uk

Reading Matters: Book reviews and book lists by theme, plus a handy way to choose a book for your child – enter details about their age and interests and a title is chosen for you
Website: http://www.readingmatters.co.uk

Reading University Library: Records of British publishing and printing
Website: http://www.library.rdg.ac.uk/colls/special/publishers.html

Salon Magazine: Arts, culture and politics web magazine
Website: http://www.salonmagazine.com

Scottish Booktrust: Book readers and professionals site, provides listings and news for Scotland
Website: http://www.scottishbooktrust.com

The British Library: The British Library is the national library of the UK
Website: http://www.bl.uk

The Bookseller: Publishing industry news
Website: http://www.thebookseller.com

The Federation of Children’s Book Groups: Local groups of adults and children interested in books, plus some useful book lists
Website: http://www.fcbg.org.uk

The Guardian: The Guardian’s online books offering
Website: http://www.booksunlimited.co.uk

The National Literacy Trust: Up-to-date information about literacy for all age groups throughout the UK, including details of the National Reading Campaign and Reading is Fundamental, UK
Website: http://www.literacytrust.org.uk

The Poetry Society: Resource site for poets
Website: http://www.poetrysociety.org.uk

The Royal Society for Literature: An active and democratic body for anybody interested in literature
Website: http://www.rslit.org

Times Literary Supplement: Literature journal
Website: http://www.the-tls.co.uk

Wordpool: Advice on choosing books for children and helping children with reading
Website: http://www.wordpool.co.uk

Writers’ Resources:

Authorlink: Writers’ resource and rights marketplace
Website: http://www.authorlink.com

British Arts Festival Association: Calendar listing of literary festival events
Website: http://www.artsfestivals.co.uk/

Handbook of Rhetorical Devices: Guidelines for and examples of rhetorical devices
Website: http://www.virtualsalt.com/rhetoric.htm

Mslexia: The magazine for women who write. Advice and inspiration; news, reviews, interviews; competitions and grants
Website: http://www.mslexia.co.uk

Re:source: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries
Website: http://www.resource.gov.uk

Thesaurus.com: Online thesaurus
Website: http://www.thesaurus.com

The Writers’ Workshop: Manuscript appraisal and editorial services, run by writers for writers
Website: http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk

Xrefer: Reference search engine
Website: http://www.xrefer.com

Book charities:

Book Aid International: Book Aid International targets those in greatest need and each year provides over 750,000 books to support literacy, education, training and publishing in more than 40 of the poorest countries in the world
Website: http://www.bookaid.org/cms.cgi/site

Readathon: Children’s book news, views and jokes. Find out what other schools are up to and help raise money for charity simply by reading a book
Website: http://www.readathon.org

Out-of-print, second-hand and antiquarian:

ABE Books: For first editions, antiquarian and out-of-print books
Website: http://www.abebooks.com/

Book Finder: Over 40 million new, used, rare, and out of print books at your fingertips
Website: http://www.bookfinder.com

Books at Sixpence: Advice, communication and trading centre for book collectors
Website: http://www.booksatsixpence.co.uk

Zardoz: Out-of-print and collectable books dealer
Website: http://www.zardozbooks.co.uk

What is the difference between a Spinebreakers Crew member and an Editor?

Anyone who visits the site can register to become part of the Spinebreakers Crew. Crew members are able to post comments and submit reviews and creative writing.

To become an Editor, Crew members must apply through their profile (there’s a link in the menu on the left hand side that says “Apply to become an Editor”) and if successful Editors have access to a more detailed profile as well as free books to review and opportunities to meet authors and attend events.

I am looking for my creative content and/or reviews but I can’t find them?

The new Spinebreakers site that we launched in March 2012 means that every person that registers has their own profile which they submit content through which meant that all reviews and creative needed to have a profile associated with it.

Because we had content from Spinebreakers who are no longer active, when we launched the new site we put any older content from the previous site in a Spinebreakers Legacy profile. For anyone who is still active on the site, you can set up a profile and we can move the legacy content over for you – just email us on hello@spinebreakers.co.uk with details of your new profile and links to your content in the Spinebreakers Legacy profile. We will need to reset your password to do this, but it won’t take long and you can change the password back when we’re done.

If you aren’t active on the site and are looking for your content but can’t find it in the Spinebreakers Legacy profile – please contact us at hello@spinebreakers.co.uk.

I want to review a book but the title isn’t included in the dropdown list in the reviews section

At the moment you can only review books that are on the Spinebreakers website – that means if you can see it in the books section you can’t review it on this site.

If you are itching to review a Penguin book and it’s not on the site, email us on hello@spinebreakers.co.uk and we will see if we can add it for you.