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  1. woking on my novel jacket
    Working on My Novel

    What does it feel like t...

    3 reviews
  2. 105
    To Rise Again At A Decent Hour

    Longlisted for the Man Booker ...

    1 review
  3. water
    We Live in Water

    We Live In Water is a world of lost...

    5 reviews
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  1. My Cover

    I feel like the books quite simple, so here's a simp...

  2. Alternative Cover

    I thought that it would be more fitting for...

  3. Alternative Cover

    I edited a picture from google images in a ...

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  1. woking on my novel jacket
    Working on my Novel Review

    To be honest I don't really thoug...

  2. sisters
    Aren't We Sisters?

    This book is about three women in the 1930...

  3. woking on my novel jacket
    Working On My Novel

    Working on My Novel is a book that is a c...

    1 comment

Spinebreakers' selection

The sea close by

The Sea Close By

Part of the Penguin Classics campaign celebrating 100 years of Albert Camus, 'A Sea Close ...

_honey_ Reviewed by _honey_

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The Edinburgh Literary Festival

9 August 2014

Set in a specially created tented village in Charlotte ...

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**WIN** with Penguin’s YA Summer Readathon!

This summer, Penguin is hosting the first ever Penguin YA Summer Readathon – 6 weeks, 6 Penguin YA titles, and ...