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  1. water
    We Live in Water

    We Live In Water is a world of lost...

    1 review
  2. war
    Great Britain's Great War

    Life for the British during the Fir...

    0 reviews
  3. sisters
    Aren't We Sisters

    Following on from The Midwife's...

    1 review
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  1. writing
    New Look For Your Muscle

    This is the downside of not ord...

  2. writing
  3. writing
    It up property said one hand is on the maps

    It up property sa...

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  1. The-Luxe
    A book review(duh)!

    I love the way the author started The Lux...

  2. ittt
    A greatly contrasting book

    IT is a spirited yet unique look o...

  3. Spud Exit pursued by bear

Spinebreakers' selection

The Bunker Diary

The Bunker Diary

A PULSE-POUNDING exploration of what happens when your worst nightmare comes true…  How will you ...

Tes :) Reviewed by Tes :)

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The Edinburgh Literary Festival

9 August 2014

Set in a specially created tented village in Charlotte ...

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