Get creative!

Write a poem, film a scene, record a podcast, design a cover, rewrite an ending…

Have you ever finished a book and wished you could change the ending? Or looked at the cover and wished you’d illustrated it, or read the blurb and thought you would have phrased it differently? Well, now’s your chance. Spinebreakers is your website; choose your favourite book, decide what you’d like to do differently and get creative.

To add your creative content to the creative gallery first you have to register for the Spinebreakers site. Find out more about registering and join Spinebreakers on the crew page.

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Creative tips

You can upload video, audio, images or written creative to the Spinebreakers site. Why not record your own book trailer and upload it or maybe write an alternative ending for your favourite Spinebreakers book? If you're a budding author, you can also upload your short stories and poetry - why not try recording your work as audio and uploading it to Soundcloud to share on Spinebreakers.

The possibilities are endless, so get creating!