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By Rob March 19th, 2012

Hi Spinebreakers,

I got the idea to write this blog whilst on the train home. I have been on the train a thousand times before, and will go a thousand times again but that journey stands out, that journey sits alone in solace importance. It was not important because it ran on time, or because I could actually find a seat, no. This was the last time I would go on the train as someone who lives in England. This in itself is not too important, the train will run on again the same and each journey I do again when I visit England will run just the same. But in essence it will be different. As I heard the stops being read out, Three Bridges, East Croydon, Purely, Redhill, etc. I realised that these places where not just stops that are read out in automated tune but places that I have always known, places that have formed my life. The town I live in, Reigate, however far from it I move will always be where I first went to school, where I first rode a bike, where I first learnt to read, the house I live in, for the first time ever, is revealing its utter importance. This is my situation.

I am emigrating from England in two weeks and I am now, for the first time, realising how much I truly love England. I have been so excited to drop everything and move, to go to a place where I can ski, and swim in a lake every weekend but it is not England. Suddenly I want the weekend to slow its pace, the weeks to draw out, this is the last time, for at least a long time, that I will live in England and know that every weekend is just a gap in-between school days.

What I am meaning to say is that I am no longer taking life for granted. I went down to Brighton, in the rain, something that I have done countless times, an incredibly English thing to do and it was made more English by the fact that it was raining. I was sat on the pier and finally realised how incredible, how on edge, my situation is, I am leaving everything behind to settle in a new country. I also realised how much I really love England. The things I can do, what I am saying is that your life is really actually quite good and all you need is to take a step back from the nuances of your normal life and realise that some of the things you do are really quite fun.

So go to the seaside, order a Chinese (takeaway), get caught out in the rain, wait for a delayed train, moan about the weather, listen to the radio, watch a mind-numbing piece of American television, have a quarrelsome Sunday lunch, more importantly – get engaged in a great book - but whatever you do realise that it is actually enjoyable. Enjoy life before it is too late. Because, as I have just realised, some things that really annoy you aren’t so integral that they should upset you, often they are of minimal importance. I may be an optimist but even if I was not it can’t be too hard to realise that sometimes the only thing stopping you having fun is something that could easily be bypassed. So, finally, I am done. And what I mean to say is that you should simply enjoy everyday life.

Have a good week.

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  1. Tom Ankers on March 29, 2012 7:51 pm said:

    “I realised that these places where not just stops that are read out in automated tune but places that I have always known, places that have formed my life.”

    That was great, really enjoyed it

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  2. Leoni on March 30, 2012 2:59 pm said:

    Inspirational. I totally agree

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  3. Isabel22 on October 13, 2013 7:45 pm said:

    Wow, OK, I’ll enjoy my everyday life! Makes me worry about growing up :p but I really liked it. Well done!

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